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Professor Layton and the Lost Future dated for October 22 in UK


Nintendo has announced it's releasing the third Professor Layton title, The Lost Future, in the UK and Europe on October 22.

In the US, it'll be known as The Unwound Future, when it releases in the country on September 20.

The game sees Layton receive word from sidekick Luke of a catastrophic event in London via strange letter from 10 years in the future.

The duo must solve 165 puzzles as they decipher clues and unlock a time-twisting London mystery.

As well as featuring three brand new types of mini-game puzzles, you can help Professor Layton direct the ‘Laytonmobile’ or interact with his new pet parrot.

You can complete a storybook by using special stickers which are awarded to you on solving special puzzles hidden throughout the game, in addition to meeting a host of new characters who also unlock additional puzzles as you progress.

There's also a new Super Hint feature which offers a very telling clue for those truly stuck, although it is expensive and will cost you two hint coins.

A true gentleman leaves no puzzle unsolved, ya know.

Via Press Release.

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