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Prey - check out the first 30 minutes of gameplay

Prey previews are landing, and if you'd rather give a watch instead of a read, we've got 30 minutes of gameplay pulled from the preview event.

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In the video above, Arekkz takes you through the first 36 minutes or so of Prey, which he was able to spend an hour with.

At the start, he notes heavy RPG elements, strong narrative, and other features Arkane Studios is known for. He also suggests if you wish to remain 100% fresh going into Prey, don't watch the video.

That said, the video doesn't contain massive spoilers, just sets the tone for the rest of the game - plus, you get to see some GLOO Cannon action.

And if you're worried the rest of the environments will be as bright and cosmopolitan as Morgan’s apartment seen above, don't fret. As Brenna noted in her preview, once Morgan leaves the flat for the Transtar space station, clean floors and windows give way to "corpses, combat damage, warren-like layouts, and alien ambushes."

Prey will be released on May 5 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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