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Portal 2 In Motion released in the US on PSN

Portal 2 In Motion is out today in the US on PSN, and if you are a PS Plus customer, you will get 30% off the $9.99 price tag.

Developed by Sixense, the content contains three new motion mechanics for the Move controller such as the "One-to-One" mechanic which allows the player to manipulate objects as if held in hand.

There's also the "Portal Surfing" mechanic where players can move and rotate a portal allowing the object's trajectory to change as the player rotates the portal. This is mainly used with cubes. You love cubes.

Finally, there's the Freeaim mechanic which uses the Move controller’s orientation to "determine cursor position," allowing the players to adjust the camera view using only small wrist movements allowing for a more fluid camera system.

Check out In Motion below in the launch video.

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