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Poll: which pre-E3 2013 conference are you most looking forward to?

E3 2013 is fast approaching, and will kick off with Microsoft's conference this evening. We want to know which of the big conferences you're most looking forward to today. Cast your vote here.

We've set up a poll on Facebook. All you have to do is head over to the VG247 hub and click a button. That's it. We'll collect the votes and announce a winner soon.

We'll be live-streaming Microsoft's pre-E3 conference here this evening at 17:30 BST / 18:30 CET / 09:30 PST.

EA, Ubisoft and Sony's conferences will also be live-streamed here, and we'll flag them up nearer the time. There's also a Nintendo Direct special. Keep your eyes open for updates on all of the shows.

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