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Pokemon Sun & Moon guide: where to find the name rater and change Pokemon names

Get your custom names rated, and if they're rubbish, change them.


Let's say you've been playing Pokemon Sun & Moon and you've called your bow-tied Rowlet something you think is truly genius, like, say, Doctor Hoot. Then it evolves and it doesn't really have a bow tie any more and everything falls apart.

This is all a hypothetical, obviously.

What do you do? Here's where to find the chap that'll sort that out for you...


How to find the Name Rater in Pokemon Sun & Moon and rename your Pokemon

Pokemon is always a little bit weird with how it does certain things. Sometimes it likes to make things just a touch more obscure... like Pokemon naming. You're given the chance to name Pokemon when you first catch them, but renaming them after the fact isn't a matter of simply entering a menu and hitting the rename button... that'd be too simple!

That's where the name rater comes in. This NPC isn't just about rating your nicknames (I'm sure he'd approve highly of Doctor Hoot), but is instead also the key to renaming Pokemon when you decide you're tired of a name.

To reach the name rater, head to Heahea City on Akala Island. When you're in that city, you'll want to look for the building that's the Alola Tourist Bureau.

Inside the Bureau there's a guy in a bright blue shirt with some markings on it. He's on the right side of the building. Chat to him and he'll introduce himself to you as the name rater.

He'll rate your Pokemon's nicknames and allow you to give them new ones if you so wish. Remember, you can't rename Pokemon gained in trades out of respect for the original trainer.

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