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Pokemon Let's Go Rare Spawns: where to find super rare Pokemon including Lapras, Chansey and Porygon in the wild

By going back to the original 151, the journey to catch 'em all in Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu and Pokemon Let's Go Eevee is truncated - but there's still some rare Pokemon you might struggle to find out in the wild. Here's how and where to catch some of the rarest wild beasts.

In Pokemon Let's Go, Pokemon spawns are placed into what are essentially two categories: regular Pokemon spawns and rare Pokemon spawns. What sets these two apart is not just frequency - rare Pokemon spawns are so infrequent that they're not tracked in the Pokedex, so when you look up that Pokemon's natural habitat the game and the Pokedex won't flag those up to you. Instead, clues as to Pokemon locations can be found by chatting to NPCs, or you might just stumble upon a rare spawn all by yourself.

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Rare Pokemon Spawns: using the lure, super lure and max lure and catch combos to boost your encounter rate

Many of the rare Pokemon found in this way are Pokemon that can be picked up through other means in the game, like Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, Lapras and Snorlax - but it gives you a chance to catch more in a wild setting if you so wish - something useful for hardcore collectors and trainers, or those looking for very specific Pokemon natures and stats.

You can improve your chances of finding these rare spawns by using the Lure, Super Lure and Max Lure items to increase rare spawns, and rarer spawns are also boosted by lengthy catch combos if you're out there grinding for a while - simply catch the same Pokemon repeatedly over and over to build a higher combo and reap the rewards.

Keep that in mind as you hunt for these Pokemon - and stick to this page, as we'll be updating it as we discover more rare spawns.

Rare Pokemon Spawns: where to find the rarest wild Pokemon in Let's Go

  • Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle: we've actually got a separate page on how to catch the classic Kanto starter Pokemon in Let's Go, but for the sake of being a complete list we wanted to also note that these three can be caught in the wild as rare spawns from quite early in the game. Certain NPCs will also give you one each of these free if you meet certain requirements but know they can be found out in the wild.
  • Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan: the classic first-generation fighting Pokemon can first be found in Viridian City, inside the Fighting Dojo. Work your way through a bunch of fights there and the master of the dojo will allow you to take one of these two Pokemon - but if you want the other, worry not: you will be able to catch one in the wild later. Both Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee show up on Victory Road, one of the final areas of the game, as a rare wild encounter.
  • Chansey: Chansey isn't quite as over-powered as it was in the early days of Pokemon Go, but it's a good little Pokemon - albeit rare. It can be found in a lot of places but is a very uncommon spawn. Keep an eye out for it on Route 5 & 6, Routes 8-18, Route 21 & 23 plus Diglett's Cave, Mt. Moon. Pokemon Tower, the Power Plant, Pokemon Mansion and Victory Road.
  • Lapras: Lapras is a great Water / Ice-type combination, and it's used by one of the Elite Four for good reason - it's a powerful Pokemon. It's a rare spawn once again, but it can be found on Kanto's Route 19 and Route 20 if you're lucky.
  • Porygon: Like a lot of Pokemon on this list, there's a nice little non-catch way to get your hands on a Porygon. If you decide you need another one, look out for it as a very rare spawn all the way back on Route 7.
  • Snorlax: Snorlax will crop up a few times throughout the game's story as an obstacle to your progress, and as a result, you'll actually have a few opportunities to catch this big chap in the story anyway. If those aren't good enough for you, however, Snorlax can spawn in the Cerulean Cave.
  • Dratini: Dratini is one of the only pure Dragon-type Pokemon found in the first generation of Pokemon games, and it of course ultimately evolves into fan-favourite Dragonite. Dratini can be found as a rare spawn in the water on Route 10.

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