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Pokemon Let's Go Fortune Teller guide: how to use the nature lady to influence Pokemon natures

Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee might be a slightly simplified, streamlined Pokemon experience, but many of the most hardcore aspects of Pokemon training are still present - including natures, the random temperament stat that impacts your Pokemon growth. Players in the know-how can influence Pokemon natures, however - and it all involves a trip to a fortune teller...

In some other entries of the Pokemon Series the Fortune Teller has been known among fans as the nature lady, and the reason is pretty obvious - by consulting her and using her services, you can influence the natures of the Pokemon you encounter out in the wild. The same is true in Pokemon Let's Go, but it'll cost you.

Where to find the Nature Lady, and how to use her Fortune Telling Skills to change Pokemon Natures

In Pokemon Let's Go, the Nature Lady is found in Celadon City, the larger city in the middle of the map of Kanto - the one you'll be frequently visiting in order to hit up their impressive department store. The Natures Lady hangs out in the left-hand corner of Celadon City's Pokemon Center and, as befitting a Fortune Teller, is hanging out with her Psychic-type Pokemon Abra. She looks like the women you saw in Pokemon Tower, clad in traditional dress.

When you chat to her, the fortune teller offers to "forsee the Nature of those allies you have yet to meet" - but in truth, she isn't a fortune teller at all, but rather an influencer. Once you agree and pay up (her services cost a whopping 10,000 Poke Dollars), the fortune teller will ask you a series of questions about flowers. These may seem silly and useless, but these questions actually determine exactly what sort of Pokemon you encounter natures-wise for the rest of the day - the natures counter resets at midnight real-world time after being influenced by the natures lady.

This seems like gibberish at first, but it's easy once you understand how it works. By using the fortune teller you influence the nature of wild Pokemon you encounter (sadly, the natures lady can't impact your existing creatures). The Natures Break down into five categories that improve the five different base stats of Pokemon in the game, and each nature corresponds to a color of flower for the fortune teller:

  • Red flowers represent Attack (ATK)
  • Blue flowers represent Special Attack (SP ATK)
  • Yellow flowers represent Defense (DEF)
  • Green flowers represent Special Defense (SP DEF)
  • Pink flowers represent Speed (SPD)

The fortune teller will ask you to water one colour of flowers and thin another, cutting it back. This has the result of producing the nature that raises the stat you watered and lowers the stat that you decided to thin. If you water and thin the same flower, you'll get a neutral nature - one that doesn't raise or lower any stat, making for a completely balanced Pokemon.

Here are the flower combinations for watering and thinning explained plainly, so you can decide which to go for when you drop 10 grand on the Fortune Teller. Remember, her influence runs out at midnight - at that point, you'll have to pay her again.

Flower to WaterFlower to ThinResulting Nature
Red (ATK up)Blue (SP ATK down)Adamant
Red (ATK up)Yellow (DEF down)Lonely
Red (ATK up)Red (ATK down)Hardy (neutral)
Red (ATK up)Green (SP. Def down)Naughty
Red (ATK up)Pink (SPD down)Brave
Yellow (DEF up)Red (ATK down)Bold
Yellow (DEF up)Blue (SP ATK down)Impish
Yellow (DEF up)Yellow (DEF down)Docile (neutral)
Yellow (DEF up)Green (SP DEF down)Lax
Yellow (DEF up)Pink (SPD down)Relaxed
Blue (SP ATK up)Red (ATK down)Modest
Blue (SP ATK up)Blue (SP ATK down)Bashful (neutral)
Blue (SP ATK up)Yellow (DEF down)Mild
Blue (SP ATK up)Green (SP DEF down)Rash
Blue (SP ATK up)Pink (SPD down)Quiet
Pink (SPD up)Red (ATK down)Timid
Pink (SPD up)Blue (SP Def down)Jolly
Pink (SPD up)Yellow (DEF down)Hasty
Pink (SPD up)Green (SP Def DownNaive
Pink (SPD up)Pink (SPD up)Serious (neutral)

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