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PlatinumGames would like to reopen talks with Microsoft regarding development of Scalebound

The studio really wants to return to development on the dragon-riding title.

PlatinumGames is keen to work on Scalebound again, according to studio president Atsushi Inaba.

Speaking with IGN Japan (via IGN), Inaba said Scalebound's creator, Hideki Kamiya, has been talking about "wanting to work on Scalebound again for a while," with Kamiya adding he would like to "appeal to Phil Spencer directly - let's do it, Phil!"

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Inaba said the studio's desire to go back to the IP, which is owned by Microsoft, isn't just a whim, but the devs really do wish to talk with Microsoft about it.

“Often in an interview, you might hear a developer politely saying, ‘Yes, if we had the opportunity we’d love to work on that again’, but we don’t mean it that way.

"Both Kamiya and I are serious – we really would love to work on Scalebound again. I’d like to discuss it with Microsoft properly," he said.

Design ideas for the Xbox One exclusive had been kicking around since 2006, and the action-RPG Scalebound was finally announced back in 2014. It was canceled in 2017. According to Kamiya, the game's development had "progressed a fair way," and it "seems pointless for Microsoft to just hold on to that and not do anything with it.”

Speaking of its cancellation, Inaba still feels it was a shame Microsoft took all the blame for the studio ceasing development. In 2019, he explained that both companies were ultimately responsible.

"Watching fans getting angry at Microsoft over the cancellation wasn’t easy for us to watch," said Inaba at the time. "Because the reality is, when any game in development can’t get released it’s because both sides failed. I think there are areas where we could’ve done better and I’m sure there are areas that Microsoft as a publishing partner wish that they could’ve done better. Because nobody wants a game to be canceled."

Speaking with Cutscenes last year, Kamiya said the game was a "big challenge" for the studio, as it was "working in an environment" it wasn't used to. The game was being developed using Unreal Engine, and the stuido "lacked the necessary know-how" to build a game based on online features.

"We weren't experienced enough and couldn't get over that wall, leading to what happened in the end. I'm sorry to the players who looked forward to it, and moreover, I'm sorry to Microsoft who had placed their trust in us as a business partner. I want to apologize both as a creator and as a member of PlatinumGames," said Kamiya at the time."

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