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Pixeljunk dev hasn't abandoned PS3, discusses Steam release

Pixeljunk developer Q Games has explained why it has taken its next game - codenamed '1-6' - to Steam rather than PS3 or PS Vita. The studio has also confirmed that it hasn't abandoned Sony formats.

Speaking with Eurogamer, studio president Dylan Cuthbert explained, "People quickly jump to the conclusion that we're jumping ship from PSN but we're simply a very experimental company (we even have a Facebook version of PixelJunk Monsters!”

He added, “And for the slightly different development/publication approach we wanted to try and take for 1-6 Steam seemed most appropriate. Given our history with Sony I think people are being rather hasty in thinking 'Q is jumping ship' or other such nonsense.”

VG247 recently reported that Pixeljunk -6 is heading to Steam in 2013. See the first piece of game art here.

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