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Pikmin 3 is "ultimate version" of the original game, Miyamoto says

Pikmin 3 will include all of the features Shigeru Miyamoto wasn't able to get into the GameCube original due to technical limitations and because the man has a very massive imagination. Regardless, the Wii U romp will see all of those ideas brought back into one charming package of win.

Speaking with Kotaku, Miyamoto explained the situation, "In a sense I almost feel sorry for the people who played Pikmin 1.

"What I really feel like is that, in Pikmin 3, we've finally been able to include all of the elements that I wanted to include in Pikmin 1. Often times, when you talk about movies, people say, oh the first one was the best... I feel Pikmin 3 has become sort of the ultimate version of Pikmin 1 if we'd had more power.

"...With Pikmin 1 certainly we had the ideal we were striving for. With that game, I think we ended up with a basic ruleset of the game that was a little bit too strict and confining, the 30-day time limit in particular... from that sense it was difficult for people to get into that game, particularly if they were novice gamers.. And, I think the other challenge we had with Pikmin 1 was that people would want to go back and replay the game, but partially because of the limits—the time limit—people just felt it was a bit too much to go back and replay that again.

"And, with Pikmin 2, we wanted to focus on really trying to ease the gameplay to a certain degree so that it was easier for people to get into and play so we polished the Pikmin idea a bit but really only focused on how to make it easier to play.

"Whereas with Pikmin 3 we've really taken it and taken that Pikmin 1 ideal and really tried to bring that to life in a way that encourages replayability all throughout the game."

Miyamoto feels bad for people who played the first Pikmin, but tell us dear readers, did you like it regardless? What about Pikmin 3, does it look good?

If you want more, why not check out Miyamoto demonstrating the game's new 'Bingo Battle' multiplayer mode here?

Thanks Nintendo Life.

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