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Pikmin 3 gets four new battle stages as DLC, one comes free

Pikmin 3's second offering of downloadable content has been announced, featuring four more of that game's challenging battle stages. The set of four will remix area's from Pikmin's campaign into something a little harder and will be available for $1.99 on the eShop. In case you're not really on board with the idea of more Pikmin, Nintendo will be patching in one of the DLC's maps free of charge to get you hooked.

While the DLC is already out for North American Pikmin herders, European players will have to wait until tomorrow, because it takes some time to translate the Pikmin's various 'yips' into German. As with the previous Pikmin DLC, you'll be able to play these missions by yourself or with a friend and post your score to an online leaderboard.

Thanks, Polygon.

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