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"Petitions will not change that", warns Insomniac over Sunset Overdrive's Xbox One exclusivity

Sunset Overdrive is Insomniac Games' Xbox One exclusive and nothing, not even petitions will see it come to PS4, according to community web developer Tim Salvitti.

Over on the Insomniac forums, Salvitti responded to the creator of a Sunset Overdrive PS4 petition. he explained the company's stance, "Sunset Overdrive is and will be exclusive to the Xbox One. Petitions will not change that. We have a partner in Microsoft, that we are happy with for this title. That doesn't mean we can't and won't work with other publishers (see Into the Nexus).

"We realize not everyone is happy it's exclusive. We hope the game speaks for itself though and the console becomes a nonissue. Thanks."

He then locked the thread.

Replying to another forumite on the matter, he said, "I would not count on it being on the PS4. I will not say never because you never really know (heck Ratchet could end up on Xbox one day), but we are not planning on it being on the PS4, nor is it planned to be a timed exclusive. It is being developed and optimized for the Xbox One."

The game was announced alongside Xbox One's reveal and it features both free-running and Kinect support. It also runs on an updated version of the Fuse engine.

What do you make of the above?

Via OXM.

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