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Here's what's going to happen to Juventus in FIFA 20 following PES 2020 deal

In the wake of Konami's exclusive deal with Juventus FC in PES 2020, EA has clarified how this will impact its future FIFA games.

Earlier this week, Konami announced the signing of a new deal with Italian Serie A football club Juventus, giving its PES games exclusive rights to the team name, kit, crest, stadium and more.

This is quite different from the usual deals Konami typically signs with football clubs around the world every year, which in turn allow it to use real names, faces and recreate official stadiums in-game. The Juventus deal is an exclusive, something FIFA players may not be familiar with.

Which means, for the first time, EA is forced to refer to Juventus by a different name, in the same way PES has for years for plenty of clubs around the globe (and still does).

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In a blog post, EA confirmed that its partnership with Juventus ended on June 30. More interestingly, the publisher revealed what will become of the popular team in FIFA 20, FIFA Mobile and beyond.

Juventus' name will be changed to Piemonte Calcio, featuring a custom badge and kit different from the official ones. Players, on the other hand, will keep their likenesses and names under the new team name - so Cristiano Ronaldo and co will be unchanged. This also won't have an effect on player Ultimate Team attributes like Chemistry.

Likewise, live squad ratings - which borrow from real-world team performance - will continue to reflect Juventus FC's. Finally, EA confirmed that this name change won't affect existing FIFA games, such as FIFA 19.

PES 2020 is out September 10, followed by FIFA 20 on September 27.

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