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People are comparing Starfield to CP2077 in some silly, and interesting ways

A perfectly normaly thing to do.

For some reason, people have decided to compare Starfield to Cyberpunk 2077 of all games, and even think the latter is the better of the two.

Look, I don't need to remind you of the state that Cyberpunk came out in, do I? It wasn't good, and even if there are some good things about it now, it took a long time to get there. Of course, that won't stop people comparing it with Starfield, because they're both RPGs, or something. You can see in the video below the comparisons that are being made between the two, which honestly mostly just involves water effects.

And yeah, alright, sure, Cyberpunk's look ever so slightly better. Falling into water from a great height has a better animation in Cyberpunk than it does in Starfield, and the water ripples just that bit more in Cyberpunk too. The other comparison made between the two games is having your gun out in public. In Cyberpunk, if you point your gun at someone, people start to panic and run away, same as if you start shooting, but that isn't the case in Starfield.

This one feels like a slightly fairer criticism than the water nonsense, as I too would run away at the sight of a gun, but honestly, who actually cares? If your immersion is so easily ruined at such a simple thing like that, I'd maybe suggest trying a different medium to put your time into. I hear chess is pretty popular these days!

If you ask us, Starfield is honestly quite a good game, even if it doesn't achieve all of its ambitions. Our review gave the game a 4/5, so it really can't be all that bad, can it? Let's hope people that aren't happy with the game's water don't find out about its illusionary planets.

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