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PC Shadow Broker DLC breaks, BioWare rides to the rescue


Most villains escape from imminent capture/death with hidden jetpacks, trap doors, or smoke screens that - unlike their real-life counterparts - somehow enable teleportation.

But those guys have nothing on the Shadow Broker. His big, bad Deus Ex Machina basically breaks the world.

Fortunately, BioWare forced its whip-crackers to work so much overtime that they started complaining, and had to hire on more whip-crackers to whip the whip-crackers. The bottom line? You should now be able to enjoy the new Shadow Broker DLC pack on your PC! Also, some employees might be dead from exhaustion or whatever.

"Lair of the Shadow Broker should now be fixed for the PC and should be able to be downloaded now for both the PC and Xbox 360," the developer wrote in a thread on its social network.

Previously, the DLC hit a planet-sized snag, and unfortunately lacked the redundant Krogan nervous systems necessary to cope. This, of course, left all PC users unable to play.

Everything's good to go now, though. So download away!

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