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PC Games gives Spore 73%, talk of release date online embargo emerges (updated)

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Update: We've just been told that other major German PC mag, Gamestar, has scored the game at 79 percent.

Uh oh. Leading German mag PC Games has reviewed Spore at 73 percent, VG247 has learnt today.

Apparently the review can be summed up thus:


  • The Creature Creator
  • Great animation
  • Endless Content through downloads
  • Tons of community features


  • No real depth until the fifth stage
  • Uneasy mix of simulation and strategy
  • It’s easier to wage war then to be diplomatic
  • No "one more go" aspect

We've also been told this morning by German and Scandinavian sources that online European reviews are strictly embargoed until the game launches on Friday.

EA was unavailable for comment at the time of writing.

The German score comes after UK's PC Gamer gave the game 91 percent in a cover review.

Consider our ears pricked up.

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