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Overwatch gets new Paris map, and it has fully working pianos

Blizzard has unveiled a new Assault map for Overwatch.

Simply called Paris, the new map immediately went live on the Overwatch PTR on PC. Paris is the first Assault map since Horizon Lunar Colony, which released all the way back in summer 2017.

The map features Cabaret Luna as a spawn point, and lets you explore Maison Marat, and fight on opposite banks of the Seine river. There are also two fully functional pianos in it, one of which is at Hotel Beau Ciel, which you can play by shooting the various keys.

It's great to see Blizzard keeping the tradition of including fun, physics-based interactive objects like this in its various maps. We've embedded a video of it in action below, via Brokenstyli.

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Today's PTR update also makes a change to how health, shields, and armor are consumed by heroes in the game. Non-recoverable health, shields, and armor will now be consumed before their recoverable counterparts. Previously, players needed to go through an entire category before moving onto the next once, so non-recoverable shields were always followed by recoverable shields, and so on.

This priority change was made to prevent heroes' recoverable shields from soaking up all damage and regenerating, leaving their non-recoverable armor intact. The new order ensures all non-recoverables are consumed before players take hits to their recoverable health, armor, or shields

See the full change log on the game's official forums. Overwatch maps typically spend a few weeks on the PTR before they roll out for everyone else, but Blizzard has yet to set an official launch date.

Screenshots by Salah12262.

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