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Overwatch's Lunar New Year event returns next week

Overwatch's Lunar Year celebrations are kicking off soon.

Blizzard has announced that the Overwatch Lunar New Year event this year will start on Thursday, January 24. The event runs until Monday, February 18.

It's Year of the Pig this year, but that's about all we know about the event right now. Blizzard released a short video to reveal the dates, featuring Soldier: 76 playing a Pellet drum, though he seems a bit confused.

As is the case with Overwatch events, expect a load of new skins, emotes, and plenty of cosmetic items for select heroes. Blizzard has also been known to bring back the previous year's collection for those who missed out on them.

Gameplay-wise, we may see the return of the capture the flag mode introduced at last year's event. The full reveal will likely take place on Monday or Tuesday, and we'll be here to tell you all about it.

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