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Overwatch loot boxes now on sale - prices and details

Microtransactions? Yes, it's happening.


Overwatch is a premium title but Blizzard intends to go on supporting it for a long time, which is probably the explanation for the inclusion of microtransactions.

Little buy-ins can be a real dealbreaker but in this case the developer has kept things fairly inoffensive, as laying down cash only unlocks extra cosmetic items rather than any sort of advantage.

Forking over some cash nets you loot boxes, the random drop crates you'll also receive for free as you level up. The smallest buy-in is two boxes for $2, but there are various bundles available:


  • Two boxes - $1.99
  • Five boxes - $4.99
  • 11 boxes - $9.99
  • 24 boxes - $19.99
  • 50 boxes - $39.99


  • Two boxes - £1.69
  • Five boxes - £3.99
  • 11 boxes - £7.99
  • 24 boxes - £15.99
  • 50 boxes - £32.99


  • Two boxes - €1.99
  • Five boxes - €4.99
  • 11 boxes - €9.99
  • 24 boxes - €19.99
  • 50 boxes - €39.99

Update: PC players can buy loot boxes directly from The link will also show you regional pricing.

50 boxes costs as much as the base PC version, which seems a pretty hefty investment for something you can earn by playing the game - but presumably someone out there wants everything and wants it now.

Overwatch went live a few hours ago and at time of writing seemed to be ticking along nicely. In fact, the initial hiccups seemed to be over in half an hour. What brave new future is this, in which a highly-anticipated online-only game isn't absolute rubbish on launch day? More of this please, industry.

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