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Overwatch blog teases Doomfist, yanks the post in some territories, gets a bit coy, confuses us all

Overwatch, what the hell.


Overwatch and Doomfist fans have been left a little bit puzzled by some strange activity from Blizzard overnight related to fabled hero Doomfist.

It all started with a blog post on the Overwatch website, which was advertised by the official Overwatch Twitter.

The post is an in-fiction report from the Times of Numbani. It detailed an attack by Talon - and specifically Reaper - on a maximum security prison, apparently intended to free "Akande Ogundimu, better known as Doomfist".

This event took place about three months before Ogundimu reclaimed the Doomfist weapon during the Numbani airport attack. That's the event that kicked off the introduction of Orisa to Overwatch, by the way. You probably noticed that the Doomfist is no longer on the Numbani payload.

That's all very interesting and we'd be happy to settle back and anticipate a full reveal of Doomfist as Overwatch's next hero - but things have gone a bit weird. For some reason, the US link to the blog post - which is the one given out by the official Overwatch Twitter - isn't working, though the UK one is.

This has left a bunch of Overwatch fans super confused, but when they pointed the error out to the Overwatch social media team, this was the only reply:

What are we to make of this? Was the post put live early, leaving the Overwatch social team to scurry about and unable to get hold of their Euro counterparts to pull it? Or are we still in-fiction, and should expect to learn Sombra has removed the post in some territories, for some reason? That seems a bit unlikely given the article took place several months back in the Overwatch timeline.

Goodness knows what's going on, but we can probably expect Doomfist in Overwatch sooner rather than later. Apart from Sombra and indeed Doomfist himself, Blizzard has generally acted on teases with a week, so if we consider this blog post the first official Doomfist tease, then the new hero may drop very soon indeed.

And not before time; Blizzard has had references to Doomfist in Overwatch since before release. But will Blizzard make all our dreams come true and get Terry Crewes to voice Doomfist in Overwatch?

Fingers crossed.

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