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Overwatch: Blizzard seems to be dropping hints about its 31st hero

Overwatch continues to expand, and it's starting to feel an awful lot like a new hero reveal is right around the corner.

Overwatch recently rolled out its Summer Games 2019 event, granting its numerous heroes new sunny skins, and ushering in new weekly challenges for players to complete.

Blizzard had said, not long before, that the next Overwatch hero would arrive in-game later than initially planned, telling us less than two weeks ago that they needed more time to ensure that the hero is fit for the game.

Despite this, we're starting to get the feeling that Blizzard is about to drop something on us. Have a look at this tweet, in which Jeff Kaplan's developer update is immediately interrupted by a portal and, uh, some maths.

And then there's this:

So what are we to make of this?

First up, the assumption is that the next hero will be named Sigma - he seems to have accidentally been revealed in these screenshots posted by Mexico's Overwatch World Cup team.

Then let's jump over to Reddit, where user 'EnVyUs' has a detailed theory as to what these videos mean (cheers, Digital Trends). The post speculates that the next hero - if it is indeed Sigma - will have a grenade that curves projectiles, bullets and abilities around itself from a stationary position, an anti-gravity beam, and an ultimate that pulls in projectiles from enemies and uses them to empower his teammates.

Of course, none of this is confirmed yet - hopefully we'll get a reveal, and some answers, too.

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