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Overwatch hero Baptiste will go live on all platforms next week

The next Overwatch hero, Baptiste, will go live for all platforms next week.

Announced in February, Baptiste is the latest support hero to be added to the Overwatch roster

According to his origin story, Jean-Baptiste Augustin hails from Haiti and was a victim of the Omnic war which left him orphaned.

He joined the forces fighting the Omnics as a medic, and after the war was over, had issue finding work. He was eventually hired by Talon, but left the group which now has him marked a wanted man.

Baptiste is a combat medic, who uses a three-round burst SMG with an alternate fire mode which sends out healing grenades. Regenerative Burst is his active ability which heals himself and nearby allies.

Immortality Field is another ability which acts as a barrier preventing teammates from dying, keeping their health at 40.

His ultimate is Amplification Matrix, which boosts damage output and healing effects of all friendly projectiles.

Currently live on the Overwatch PTR, all Overwatch players can try Baptiste out for themselves on Tuesday, March 19.

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