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Overkill's Walking Dead game delayed, Starbreeze to develop Crossfire game for Western market

Starbreeze has entered into a new partnership with Korean publisher Smilegate.


Starbreeze, the Swedish developer/publisher and owner of PayDay's Overkill, has received a $40M investment from Korean publisher Smilegate. As a result of this new deal, Starbreeze will develop a new co-op focused Crossfire game, aimed at Western markets.

Crossfire is a very popular multiplayer shooter in Asia and the Middle East. The new partnership also allows the Swedish team to distribute Overkill's games to Asian market using Smilegate's platform.

This includes The Walking Dead, the survival game based on the TV/comic franchise announced last year as well as PayDay 2. The Walking Dead has also been pushed to the second half of 2017, from its previous 2016 window.

Starbreeze aims to launch the game simultaneously across Western and Eastern markets.

Visit the official blog for more details about what that means for both parties, as well as investor-related data.

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