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Other than a few "dribs and drabs", Demon's Souls is sold out in UK


Namco Bandai has said the Black Phantom Edition of Demon's Souls has, for all intents and purposes, sold out in the UK.

Speaking with Eurogamer, Namco PR manager Lee Kirton said the game's considered an "amazing success" in the UK, and other than a  few "dribs and drabs" the game is virtually out of stock.

"I can't give you a number, but what I mean by an 'amazing success' is that all the stock we built of the Black Phantom Edition has sold out," he said. "For a game that's been out a long time overseas we believe it to be a success. Reviews scores and coverage have been amazing.

"We haven't done hundreds of thousands of units, but we've been pleased."

Demon's Souls: Black Phantom Edition was released on June 25 in the UK for £44.99 and contains an art book, soundtrack CD and strategy guide. The standard edition of the game will be released this Friday, August 6, for £34.99.

If you haven't gotten it, you really should.

Atlus, the US publisher, confirmed last month the Demon’s Souls’ online servers would be kept online in the US until March 2011.

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