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'Optional' CoD Elite subscription "about giving more flexibility to our hardcore" fans, says IW

As Activision prepares to launch the first bit of DLC for Modern Warfare 3 later today for Call of Duty Elite subs, Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling has said the option of going in for a sub is about adding "flexibility" without getting in the way of the casual fans.

Bowling was speaking to Kotaku ahead of today's DLC launch, which will see the release of two new multiplayer maps, Liberation and Piazza, first for Elite subs on Xbox Live, follwed by PSN and PC once the 30-day exclusivity ends. Those without Elite subs will eventually get the content.

"I think we like to give the option to have that experience. But it's been very important to me, personally, to have that as an option, that it's not a 'We are a subscription game' or 'We are not a subscription game'," he said.

"It was about giving more flexibility to our hardcore without hindering the casual guys from enjoying it how they always enjoyed it."

Today's content drop is the first of nine that will appear throughout the year until September. To celebrate the launch, a new trailer for CoD Elite has been released. Get that below. It's all about kicking ass, apparently.

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