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Ono: No disc-based updates for Street Fighter X Tekken, using new netcode

Upon release, Street Fighter X Tekken will be using a new, different netcode than the Street Fighter IV series, according to Yoshinori Ono.

Furthermore, the netcode being used is not the same one Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 uses.

"I hope to demonstrate the specifics of it to everyone at a later date," Ono told Gematsu during NYCC. No word on what the ping levels will be either.

Ono also said that those holding out purchasing SFxT in the hopes a Super Street Fighter x Tekken will be released soon after, should know it will only occur as discless DLC for the game

"If we decide to create a new version of the game, we will go with the Street Fighter IV series route, by providing online update patches for the game," Ono said. "So I would say that you don’t really need to worry about a new version of the game coming out.

"If we choose to update the game, it will be done in the same fashion as Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition."

Street Fighter x Tekken is out in March for PC, PS3, Vita, and Xbox 360.

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