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Nvidia responds to AMD's answer to G-Sync tech

Nvidia's Tom Petersen has responded to AMD's answer to his firm's G-Sync tech, and went so far as to call the competition's CES 2014 'free sync' demo into question.

We reported that Nvidia's G-Sync monitors are coming Q2 2014. Hit the link for a full report.

The monitors boast embedded G-Sync chip sets designed to enhance gaming visuals and reduce infidelities such as screen-tearing and lag.

Speaking with TechReport, Petersen underlined AMD's similar concept as validation of the G-Sync concept, but questioned the company's use of laptops to showcase its tech at CES.

Petersen stressed that laptops feature a more direct connection between the unit's GPU and screen, and have a different display architectures to desktops. Therefore, there is greater need for something like G-Sync on desktops to maintain variable refresh and other potential display issues.

This discrepancy between desktops and laptops is why Nvidia came up with the G-Sync unit, says Petersen, which replaces a rig's scaler ASIC with Nvidia's bespoke logic. To Peteren's knowledge no such equivalent exists out there in the market. "We would know," he said.

The report is very technical, but give it a look if you want to dig deep into the tech behind G-Sync and Peteren's concerns around AMD's use of laptops.

What do you make of the above?

Via MCV.

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