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Nvidia announces GameStream certifications

Nvidia has partnered with router and PC hardware manufacturers to simplify the process of streaming games from your PC to other devices.

As reported by IGN, Nvidia announced a certification program called Nvidia GameStream-ready at a CES 2014 event.

Essentially, the scheme helps consumers identify compatible hardware in order to get Nvidia's own GameStream service up and running, although presumably owning the relevant hardware would be useful for other streaming systems, too.

A full list of certified devices is available on Nividia's Shield website.

There are several current or upcoming devices that support streaming gameplay from your PC to another device, such as Nvidia's own Shield and Steam Machines. On the console side, the PS4 and PS3 can stream to Vita via RemotePlay and the Wii U's Game Pad does something similar. It's all the rage.

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