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NPD: Only 6% of US console users have downloaded DLC


NPD has issued a report stating only 6 percent of US console users downloaded extra content for their games, proving there's a "large and untapped" market for digital content along with connected devices.

The Market Research firm also estimated that 75 percent of US consumers aged 13 and up didn't connect their consoles or download content in the past three months, with only 15 percent of consumers with either a PC or Mac being connected or downloading digital content. Research found only 4 percent downloaded content through a smartphone during the same time period, and only 2 percent through an internet capable device such as Apple TV, Blu-ray, or Roku,

"What we learned in our research is that while some people already experience the world in a connected way, most do not," said NPD VP and senior entertainment analyst Russ Crupnick, adding most consumers still use their devices mainly for email, surfing the web, and other basic actions.

"The promise of the connected experience is coming, as prospective Blu-ray owners want their players to come with connectivity, and half of game consoles are already connected. The doors are also opening wider for music, video, gaming and other forms of entertainment," said Crupnick.

"Today’s gamer might be a hard-core teenager playing games online with his friends, a 40-something female playing Farmville on Facebook, or everything on either side of that spectrum,” added NPD analyst Anita Frazier. "We would not have seen this type of audience diversification and expansion if it weren’t for connected internet, smartphone, and online gaming options."

NPD also said prices for Blu-rays players are continuing to drop, and are the "prime avenue" for delivering broadband content to living rooms.

According to the firm, videogames are the main reason behind digital growth, with dual-purpose services like Nintendo's Wi-Fi, PSN, and XBL growing in popularity with gamers and non-gamers alike.

Connected TVs, according to NPD, are also starting to grow in popularity in the US.

Via Gamasutra.

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