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Notch can pony up $13 million for Psychonauts 2, he assures

Mojang boss Markus "Notch" Persson didn't hesitate when Double Fine boss Tim Schafer said he'd need a lot of money for Psychonauts 2.

The two got in touch after Persson extended an offer of funding on Twitter. Describing the conversation to Kotaku, Schafer said he floated the $13 million mark because that's how much the first Psychonauts cost.

"As soon as I mentioned the amount of money he said, 'Yeah, I can do that,'" Schafer recalled.

The Minecraft creator apologised for making his initial offer so publicly.

"He said he had no idea it would get picked up like this. He said, 'Sorry for putting you on the spot, I didn't realize it would go so big,'" Scahfer said.

"I feel like I was being proposed to on the jumbotron at the baseball game."

Nothing has been confirmed yet, but Schafer said even if it isn't Psychonauts 2, he'd like to work with Persson.

"He's been pretty successful. And, when you look into it, it's a really inspiring story. He's just a regular guy. He didn't do anything sleazy to get it. He just made it himself, distributed it himself, it's a great story," he said.

"I think we have a lot to learn from him, so I'd like to do something with him. And I'd like to make Psychonauts 2."

A sequel was always planned, Schafer revealed.

"We had a lot of plot elements that were backstory in that game that we planned on revisiting in the future and tying it back in," he said.

"We had a longer story arc planned for those characters. I have ideas to take them to a more international setting."

Thanks, Shack.

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