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No plans to delay Destiny 2 raid after exploit was found that instantly kills bosses

Destiny 2's raid has been thrown into doubt after a powerful new exploit has been found.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light's new Stasis subclass has potentially thrown the launch of the new raid into doubt. For now, the community managers on the game say things will proceed as normal.

The World's First raid races are about as close as Destiny gets to esport events. These races, which pit teams against each other to both solve and execute a raid first, get huge streaming viewership. It's a truly exciting time of year for Destiny fans as they cheer on their favorite content creators.

However, this year's race has been thrown into disarray thanks to a newly discovered exploit in the game. Clan Redeem, who have won the World's First race multiple times, were testing ideas and theories out when they stumbled on a bug that instantly kills bosses. The glitch seems to happen when five players are spamming the Warlock Stasis super, while one player uses the new Salvation's Grip exotic. This appears to work across the game. Here is some footage.

This has caused panic amongst the Destiny community with the Deep Stone Crypt opening on Saturday. While it's not clear what the solution is, some have been proposing disabling the Warlock super for the race, but also just delaying the Raid until this is rectified.

Bungie community director Dylan Gafner, after initially just tweeting "Oh no", followed up with the tweet saying that there is currently no plan to delay the raid. He tweeted:

Keep in mind, the wording here doesn't preclude a delay happening eventually. Whatever is decided, it will have to be done quickly with Saturday looming large on the horizon.

It's worth noting that Bungie has already committed to taking longer to verify the winner of this year's race, so even if a team did try to win by using an exploit, it would likely invalidate their run. Still, this is a big problem for Bungie and a delicate situation. Hopefully, whenever the race happens, it's without too many asterisks.

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