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No Man's Sky UK release date has been brought forward

Brits rejoice. Two days has been shaved off your wait.

No Man's Sky UK release date has been brought forward

After confirming a delay of two months last week, Hello Games announced staggered release dates for No Man's Sky, beginning with North America on August 9, Europe on August 10, and the UK on August 12.

Earlier today, the PlayStationUK Twitter account broke the news that after working with retailers, the release date in the UK will be brought in line with the rest of Europe, and we'll be able to pick up the game on August 10.

Sure, it's only two days, but that's time wasted while other people are flying around depleting the available lexicon that consists of amusing names for genitals. Now you can have the honour of naming something the Custard Cannonis Major or the Fuzzy Front-Bottomed Clam.

Feel free to share any equally ridiculous names for planets, flora, and fauna that you've been working on for valuable community feedback. You've still got a couple of months to nail them.

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