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Nioh - watch some new gameplay with impressions of the retail version

See new areas of Nioh while you listen to impressions of the final build.

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Now that the review embargo for Nioh has been lifted, more and more reviews and impressions are starting to appear.

Ours, too, will be out in due time, but until then, let's enjoy some gameplay from a previously unseen part of the game. In the video, Arekkz talks about his early impressions of the title while showing the footage in the background.

Although the comparisons to Dark Souls are unavoidable, he manages to lay out a couple of ways Nioh differentiates itself from thee Soulsborne games. The video also touches on the types of collectables you'll come across in the game, as well as the loot system.

Finally, Arekkz delves a bit into the game's various PS4 Pro modes and how it runs on the more beefed up console. The footage was captured on a PS4 Pro.

Nioh is out February 7 on PS4.

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