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Nioh is selling out everywhere as launch stock dries up, not even Amazon can help you now

But you can still grab a copy if you get your butt into gear.

Nioh william sad

Nioh released this week and if you didn't pre-order or pick up a copy at launch, you may well be scuppered as retail and online stores alike are selling out all over the place.

The game got glowing reviews and there was more than a bit of a buzz about it in the run up to launch so it seems insane that supply should even be an issue.

But the struggle is real and the lamentations are many over on a Reddit thread where there is much rending of garments (probably), and sharing of stories from people who have worked in warehouses and know the horrors of frantic product launches. was sold out yesterday with the current delivery period being quoted as 1 -2 months.

UK customers can try their luck with GAME but after entering my postcode, I was told that my town and a couple of the surrounding ones were all out too. is your best bet for now. The game is showing as in stock so you should move quickly before their launch stock disappears as well.

Players in Australia are also having a hard time finding Nioh in stores.

If you're after a physical copy, you may have to wait while everywhere restocks. Otherwise you can find it on the PSN Store and save yourself the stress.

Are you one of the unlucky sods trying to find Nioh on the shelves or did you hedge your bets by pre-ordering? Let us know how you're getting on in the comments.

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