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Nintendo wraps Not-E3 up with a summer Direct tomorrow, and no, the Switch 2 won't be there

What's the Switch got left in it?

The Nintendo Direct logo showing the date 18/06/2024, and the time 7am PT/ 10am ET.
Image credit: Nintendo

Not-E3 season might be coming to a close, but Nintendo has locked in its summer Direct date for this week.

Always the ones to leave an announcement til the last minute these days, Nintendo has finally confirmed that its annual summer Direct will be taking place tomorrow, June 18, 7am PT/ 10am ET/ 3pm BST. It'll run for about 40 minutes and promises to show games slated to release later this year. Unsurprisingly, that's all that Nintendo had to share, but it's nothing if not consistent in its coyness when it comes to Directs. You can watch the Direct via Nintendo's YouTube or Twitch channels. One thing you definitely shouldn't expect to see during the showcase is the Nintendo Switch 2 - the developer confirmed as much last month, and reiterated that in the announcement for the Direct, so whatever its successor will be likely won't be revealed until the end of the year at the very least.

In terms of what games might make an appearance, it's a bit of a mystery. I imagine Luigi's Mansion 2 HD will get a look-in, considering that's out at the end of the month. Perhaps there'll be a brief spotlight on Nintendo World Championships: NES Edition, which is due out in July. But outside of those two, there aren't any first party Nintendo titles that have been announced yet. Sure, there's Metroid Prime 4, but that feels more likely to be a Switch 2 title, doesn't it? Pokemon Legends Z-A is due out in 2025, too, and that would likely be shown off in a Pokemon Presents anyway.

Essentially, you can probably expect a bunch of third party titles (no, I doubt Silksong will be there), and some surprising, maybe slightly riskier first party titles. After all, the February Direct this year revealed a new Endless Ocean, a game I never thought would get a sequel, so anything is possible. Maybe we'll finally get those Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker and Twilight Princess Switch ports that leakers have been swearing are real for years! Any which way, the Direct is literally less than a day away, so it's not like we've got to wait for very long.

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