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Nintendo is reportedly launching two new Switch models this summer

According to the latest rumours, Nintendo will be releasing two new Switch models this year to cater to two different price points.

The Wall Street Journal reports that some developers already have access to the consoles, with one being a lower budget option for casual gamers, and the other being a more premium model for people who play games more often and want a higher spec machine - although it won't be on a par with the PS4 or Xbox One.

Apparently Nintendo wants to strike this year, while Switch sales are still going strong. As of the end of 2018, the Switch's total units sold has surpassed 32 million, and it was the best-selling console of the year.

The vibrate function will be omitted from the cheaper model, as Nintendo has reportedly commented that there won't be a lot of games that will utilise the feature, while the more expensive version will include "enhanced features" that will appeal to its target audience.

There are no other details at the moment, and of course this is all just hearsay for now, but in light of last year's rumours, it's a strategy that's not entirely out of left-field.

If the company really is looking at a summer release window, it's likely that we'll hear more at E3 2019.

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