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New Gundam project revealed, Level-5 involved in it

Coro Coro Comics seems to have leaked the Gundam project which Namco Bandai was teasing earlier this week.

"Gundam Age" will not only be confined to videogames, expanding itself into manga, anime, hobby and card components. Coro Coro will be actively involved in its promotion.

The magazine reveals that Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino will be handling the story, as both Level-5 and Coro Coro are closely associated with the project. Collaboration between the two firms in the past include the manga versions of Inazuma Eleven and Danbol Senki/Little Battle Experience.

However, it's unlikely that Level-5 will have anything to do with the videogame part of the project. The magazine states that players will take on the role of the Age main character and will fight in a one-hundred year war.

Gundam Age Project will get an official unveiling on 13 June and fans of the series can tune in to a live telecast of the event.

Thanks, Andriasang.

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