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New Evil Within DLC is first-person and lets you play as the bad guy

The last of the Evil Within DLC will have you wielding a mallet and slipping on your best apron, as you return to the Victoriano Estate as The Keeper.

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The Executioner DLC looks gloriously gory and what with tossing 2-legged fodder into spike traps, and ripping them to shreds with a chainsaw, it seems like a much more playful take on the original title - in as much as something can be, when you're on a mutilating and maiming rampage.

The Keeper will go toe-to-toe with the various monsters already encountered in the game, and will run through the estate in first-person, giving you a face full of viscera. I guess that's why he wears that jaunty safe on his head.

The Executioner DLC will be available on May 26.

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