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Neverhood spiritual successor Armikrog could come to Wii U if funded

The Neverhood spiritual successor Armikrog, which currently has four days left on Kickstarter could come to Wii U, according to an update on the funding page.

According to co-creator Mike Dietz, Nintendo expressed interest in the title last week during E3.

"We were contacted by Nintendo and we're talking to them about the possibility of releasing Armikrog on the Wii U," he wrote. "There's nothing concrete to report yet, but we're encouraged by their interest and we'd like to see it happen."

So, should the project reach its $900,000 funding goal, it's likely the firm will add Wii U development to the Linux, Mac and PC list.

$619,364 has been raised so far by 12,837 backers.

Thanks, Eurogamer.

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