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Neon White, the stylish speedrunning FPS for Switch and PC, finally has a release date

Do not count on being able to put this down.

Although Neon White was first announced during a Nintendo Direct in February of last year, the title was finally given a release date of June 16 at the Summer Game Fest. That's super soon.

Neon White will be available for PC and Switch as of next week, and is published by Annapurna Interactive, the publisher behind various successful and intricate indies, including Outer Wilds, What Remains of Edith Finch, and Donut County. It also just so happens that the esteemed developer behind award-winning Donut County, Ben Esposito, has teamed up with Angel Matrix to create Neon White.

The game promises to be an incredibly fast-paced first-person shooter, focused on exterminating demons from heaven. Playing as Neon, players will take on the role of a competitive demon slayer, fighting for their chance to have a permanent resting place in Heaven.

Neon White is shown to have dating sim elements throughout the game.
Neon White also has dating sim mechanics, as well as cards and super fast combat.

Neon White appears to boast an abundance of mechanics, from standard RNG-fuelled platforming levels, a card-based mechanic, to even various features you'd expect from a dating sim. This is all on top of what Annapurna call a "hellishly clever story".

With levels that can be completed in a flash, depending on your skill, Neon White appears to be a vibrant playground for speed-runners to go wild in. Although, that doesn't mean this game is just for speedrunners, and it appears there's a lot of lightning fast assassin fun to be had for anyone who wants to jump into the action.

Neon White can be wishlisted on Steam or Switch now, from the game website.

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