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Naughty Dog shares their experience on Uncharted 4 and a decade of Nathan Drake

The team behind Uncharted 4 reflect on what is's been like to grow up with Nathan Drake.

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Both developers and voice actors of Uncharted 4 share what it's been like to grow up with the Uncharted franchise and the impact that's had on character and story development.

It's an interesting video, touching on the expectations the team had going in and what the last decade of working on the series has been like.

Creative director Neil Druckman wraps up the video, saying "All we can really do as a team is make something that's really personal to us [and] use everything that we've learned in the past to...elevate the medium one step further, to challenge ourselves to go into areas that we're uncomfortable with, and we do that with every game. And hopefully we come out on the other side with something great."

It's worth watching if you have 10 minutes to spare, even if it is a little sad at the end when we're reminded that this is the last we'll see of Nathan Drake.

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