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Natural Selection 2: Derelict free to all Steam players

Natural Selection 2 players can now enjoy a brand new map - for free.

Natural Selection 2: Derelict is a hefty update adding an all-new battlefield to the aymmetrical multiplayer combat game. It's entirely free to all current Natural Selection 2 owners, and live now on Steam.

Derelict boasts four techpoints, nine resource nodes and "unique environment art". here's a bit of flavour text, a map, and a trailer:

"The xenomorphs most likely used the garage as their ingress-point. From there, the southern ventilation shaft gave Skulks access the central biosphere. Some of the staff were caught in their offices in B-wing. Everybody is dead."

Watch on YouTube


The cream of the update is, of course, the additional map, but the Natural Selection website has details on what else has changed.

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