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Mystic Messenger: Yoosung route tips and walkthroughs (Casual Story)

Mystic Messenger players who want to woo Yoosung have come to the right place. All our Yoosung route walkthroughs, tips and resources are gathered here.

Cute, naive and a little lost, Yoosung is the easiest catch in Mystic Messenger's Casual Story mode. Yoosung's route contains material pertaining to the ongoing story of Mystic Messenger, and we recommend taking in his route on your second playthrough, allowing the background to open up slowly for you.

While Yoosung doesn't pursue you right out the gate like Zen does, he's so much in need of someone to engage with his life and take an interest in him that he'll tumble head over heels for you with the slightest effort on your behalf. Yoosung's aimlessness is not due to laziness or lack of talent, but a loss of purpose; if you engage with his life and show faith in his abilities, he'll shyly and slowly reveal why his life has meandered off track.

If you earn a green heart while interacting, that means you've made an impression on Yoosung. In general, you can secure Yoosung's affections and steer towards a good end with the following strategies.

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  • Keep Yoosung calm when he gets angry with V
  • Support Yoosung to change his life and study hard
  • Encourage Yoosung to be independent
  • Ask about Yoosung’s sleep, eating and study habits
  • Draw a firm distinction between you and Rika
  • Compliment Yoosung on his looks
  • Reassure Yoosung he’s a good guy and can achieve his goals
  • Let Yoosung know he makes you feel safe and secure
  • Stand up for Yoosung when the others tease him
  • Take an interest in other RFA members and try to help them
  • Comfort RFA members rather than seek comfort for yourself
  • Show your emotions – especially fright or concern
  • Be loyal and have trust in other RFA members
  • Don't disparage Yoosung for gaming
  • Don’t be possessive or jealous
  • Don’t treat Yoosung like a child; be wary of “cute” and “puppy” options
  • Don’t expect Yoosung to rescue you or help you out; be independent
  • Don’t let the other RFA members tease Yoosung
  • Don’t insult or denigrate other RFA members
  • Don't be hostile to V and the RFA, even when Yoosung is angry with them
  • Don't prioritise your own safety over the RFA and finding out the truth


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