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It took more than a decade, but My Hero Academia is finally ending this August

All good things must come to an end.

Cover art for volume one of My Hero Academia showing Izuku Midoriya, a teen boy with fluffy black and green hair, walking and smiling in his school uniform, All Might, a buff looking superhero, and many other superheroes behind him.
Image credit: Kohei Horikoshi

Sorry, My Hero Academia fans, but the end is almost here: the popular superhero manga is ending in just five chapters.

It's been a long time coming, but as announced on the official Japanese My Hero Academia Twitter account, the Weekly Shonen Jump manga will receive its final chapter on August 5. There's five chapters left to go, with the series currently wrapping up its final story with a mini epilogue arc. I won't spoil how things end up for those that only watch the anime, but it's great to know that the manga isn't suddenly coming to an end, and that there's time for all of the characters to reflect on their journey. These last five chapters will bring the series to a total of 430 chapters, an impressively lengthy manga, though thankfully not quite as long as something like One Piece.

In a statement (via IGN), series creator Kōhei Horikoshi said "There are just five chapters left until the manga's end. Some might think, 'there's still five chapters to go?!' while others may think, 'just five chapters left?!' But I'll do my best to make sure both camps enjoy these last five chapters with Deku and the others. It was a rocky road, but I was able to draw Deku and his friends for nearly 10 years thanks to everyone who kept on reading. It was a dream. Thank you so much! Well, let's meet again in Jump!"

The manga first started serialisation in Weekly Shonen Jump way back in 2014, and has spawned numerous spin-offs, merchandise, video games, and of course both the anime series and a few non-canonical films. Don't worry though, there's still a good bit of anime to go, as season seven is currently airing now, and that's only brought us up to chapter 351, so there's a good bit of the story left to animate.

This isn't the only manga set to end this year, as Jujutsu Kaisen is supposed to as well, though creator Gege Akutami has had to take several weeks off due to sickness recently, so perhaps the ending might stretch into 2025.

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