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MW3 PS3 Elite DLC for August dated

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 players on PS3 can look forward to a trio of new content this month. Infinity Ward dated and detailed the next content drop over Twitter.

Call of Duty: Elite premium members can download the new PS3 content on August 16. Infinity Ward also posted an image new Spec Ops mission 'Vertigo' in a tweet.

The pack includes multiplayer maps 'Decommissioned' - set in a rusting ship graveyard - and 'Offshore' - a windswept oil rig map full of walkways and engine rooms.

Players can also tackle the new Spec Ops mission 'Vertigo' set on the rooftop of the towering Oasis hotel in Dubai.

Non-Call of Duty: Elite subscribers will have to wait until the content comes out at a later date.

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