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Massive Morrowind mod Tamriel Rebuilt just got a fresh expansion featuring over 100 quests

Get ready to hunt down the dark secrets hiding beneath the surface of the middle Thirr River!

One of the locations in Morrowind mod Tamriel Rebuilt's latest expansion.
Image credit: VG247/Bethesda/Tamriel Rebuilt

If you’re a big fan of Morrowind, the beloved third entry in the Elder Scrolls series, then you’ll definitely want to check out the new expansion that’s just been added to one of its most ambitious modding projects.

For those who aren’t familiar with the project in question, Tamriel Rebuilt, its goal is a simple one, to expand TES 3’s playable area beyond the base game’s setting of Vvardenfell, an island located in the centre of Morrowind. Over the years, the team of modders have been gradually adding new explorable sections of the province’s mainland to the game via updates to the mod, with the latest of these to arrive being Andaram.

The expansion, which is the project’s seventh, “is centred on the middle Thirr River, and the dark secrets which lie under its waters”. Packed into this area are over 100 quests and nine faction questlines, with the latter including “a new vampire clan and the highly anticipated Andothren Thieves Guild”.

In an incredibly impressive twist, this means that with the addition of Andaram, the entirety of Tamriel Rebuilt now includes over 600 quests, surpassing the amount included in the original game and its expansions. As well as offering you the chance to take on a brand new type of dungeon, “the twisted and alien Dreugh Citadel”, the expansion also revamps some of the locations included in previous updates to the mod.

“The villainous Camonna Tong rules the port town of Hlan Oek, while its Hlaalu governor has his mind on other matters,” the Tamriel Rebuilt team has written about what to expect as you explore Andaram. “The great Temple city of Almas Thirr, first released in 2019’s Aanthirin release, has been expanded and updated and is now open to Imperial influence from the Fighters, Mages, and Thieves Guilds.

“Even the sleepy fishing village of Idathren has secrets to uncover. Meanwhile, the Dreugh Queen Paruddma broods in her Citadel deep beneath Lake Andaram’s placid waters.”

You can also get a good taste of the expansion via this very atmospheric release trailer.

It looks as though the next goal on the Tamriel Rebuilt team’s radar now that Andaram is out will be another expansion, this time dubbed “Grasping Fortune”, with Great House Hlaalu’s capital city of Narsis set to play a role.

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