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More Project Cafe rumors surface, "Stream" being considered as a name

More details surrounding Nintendo's rumored Project Cafe console, including more on the estimated price, release date, design,and more have popped up.

This time, the information comes from a trusted source of IGN's.

The insider claims it will retail between $350 and $400 based on manufacturing costs, which is a bit more than analyst Jesse Divnich predicted, and it will ship from Taiwanese manufacturer, Foxconn. It is due to start leaving the factory as early as October, meaning it could release as late or as early as November. But the source also claims Nintendo could hold off until early 2012 in order to stockpile the system and give developers a chance to create more titles for it.

This might also give the firm the opportunity to "lower the retail price of the system with lower profit margins to make the price more alluring," something Microsoft and Sony have both done in the past.

IGN also said its source told it the following:

"The system is based on "AMD's R700 GPU architecture, not AMD's Fusion technology as previously believed, which will, as previously reported, out perform the PlayStation 3's NVIDIA 7800GTX-based processor. Like the Xbox 360, the system's CPU will be a custom-built triple-core IBM PowerPC chipset, but the clocking speeds will be faster. The system will support 1080p output with the potential for stereoscopic 3D as well, though it has not been determined whether that will be a staple feature."

IGN's source also claims it will comparable to the original Xbox 360 in size, and may resemble a modernized version of the SNES. The insider went on to confirm the controllers with integrated touchscreens with the capability of streaming games to each controller while also "feasibly provide a virtualized console for each individual unit."

One of the potential names being tossed around for the system, again, according to the source, is Stream; however, this is just one of many being considered.

It is rumored that Nintendo plans to announce the console at E3, but today, Shigeru Miyamoto said he was aware of the "coffee" rumors and for folks not to believe everything they read.

Hopefully, we'll know the truth of the matter soon.


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