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Moonlighter, This War of Mine now free on the Epic Games Store - For Honor and Alan Wake next

The Epic Games Store is offering Moonlighter and This War of Mine free this week. Up next is Ubisoft's For Honor and Remedy's Alan Wake.

Moonlighter and This War of Mine can be downloaded free from the Epic Games Store today through August 2.

Moonlighter is an adorable shopkeeper RPG from Digital Sun that puts you in charge of supplying adventurers’ needs. Doing so will allow you to upgrade the shop and eventually hire help to keep up with supply and demand.

Thing is, you aren’t just a helpful shopkeep – you’re also an adventurer. Come nightfall, you will traverse dungeons for loot to sell during the day. Have no fear: you will also find equipment along the way to keep you safe from harm.

A new batch of DLC was released for the game this week. Called Between Dimensions, it adds new creatures to current dungeons and populates the all-new Interdimensional Dungeon with mini-bosses. It also features new weapons, armor, shop items, and rings.

If you're in the mood for more serious fare, the rather excellent This War of Mine might be your cup of tea. The strategy/management survival game explores how war affects the average civilian, and you're tasked with keeping them alive in a war-torn country.

You will need to make difficult decisions, and what you decide will have an impact on all citizens.

A new expansion is currently in the works for This War of Mine. Called Fading Embers, it features a story-driven scenario that tells a story of Anja living in a warzone. Her burden is trying to decide what is more important: "survival of the human legacy or the survival of a man."

Come August 2, both games will be replaced by Ubisoft's strategy-fighter, For Honor, and Remedy's Alan Wake. Once available, both will be a free download until August 9.

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