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Monster Hunter World: How to kill Nergigante, what are Nergigante's weaknesses and how to farm Nergigante effectively

Once you've blasted through the early game, Nergigante is one of the most brutal bosses in Monster Hunter World, an absolutely devastating Elder Dragon beast that has abilities and attacks that can one-shot hunters if they're not careful. PC players now have the chance to face the fearsome beast! Found in the Wildspire Wastes of Monster Hunter World, Nergigante is happily making the lives of some hunters a nightmare... but we're here with advice.

On this page you'll find our methods and tips for taking out Nergigante - including elemental weaknesses, strategies for the actual battle and more.

Remember we've got a full list of every monster in Monster Hunter World if you need help with other beasties - but for now, Nergigante - we're coming for you!


How to kill Nergigante:

Before we get into the more detailed guide, here are the must-know bullet points for the Nergigante fight...

  • Craft a weapon that makes use of Thunder, as it's what Nergigante is most weak to.
  • Bring along items that can paralyze like Paralysis Knives.
  • Equip either the Vitality Mantle or the Rock Steady Mantle to bolster your defenses.
  • Look out for his absolutely deadly dive bomb attack - it can one shot you, so don't try blocking it - just get out of the way!
  • When he retreats heal up and go into the final area of the fight alert - it's full of potential traps and pitfalls.

Where to find Nergigante in Monster Hunter World

Nergigante is a fairly late-game monster to tackle, so you'll hopefully be very much familiar with the systems, flow and setup of Monster Hunter World by the time the quest 'The Insatiable Nergigante' pops. This mission is his, as the name suggests, and it'll take you back to the Wildspire Waste, which is where this deadly Elder Dragon can be found.

Nergigante is an extremely aggressive monster, and so while you should track it and find it in the same manner as any other monster, be aware that as soon as it spots you it's going to lose its mind and make a bee-line for you. You can't capture Nergigante either - this one has to be killed to fulfill the requirements of this epic assignment.

How to Beat Nergigante Strategy

Nergigante is a nasty Elder Dragon, and its defining feature are its six limbs and the spikes all over its body. The cruellest part of all this is that the spikes can hurt you, and though they can be broken off if you apply enough force if given enough time the spikes will regrow throughout the fight.

Worse, the spikes can harden and become harder to remove and more damaging if left alone for too long, so you'll need to spend this fight on your toes. Be aware:

  • White Spikes are Weak, and can be smashed.
  • Black Spikes are hardened and will bounce your weapon off like the hardened bone it is.

Expect a few different attacks from Nergigante, too - but the one you really need to be aware of is his Dive Bomb attack. This is clearly telegraphed (he rises into the air to prepare to dive on you) and is really this Elder Dragon's ultimate attack.

You need to avoid this attack at all costs, as it actually stands a good chance of one-shotting you dead unless you're in some really high defense armor. You also need to be aware that once he hits the ground there's an aftershock of sorts - after he hits the ground his spikes will fly off in an area-of-effect follow-up.

The good news is that this attack leaves Nergigante's body the most vulnerable, as all the spikes are gone. Dodge the first phase and either block or dodge the second and then get in close to attack, unleashing as much damage as you can. Mount and get properly stuck in with your attacks.

Watch out also for the paw swipe and other ground-based melee attacks which can easily be dodged or guarded. The attack where he raises both claws into the air and then slams down can't be countered, so beware.

Nergigante's tail can be cut off, and that should be a major point of focus for this fight. Especially after the body slam move, go for the tail - this is not only a rare drop that's required four times for the associated weapon and armor, but also because it can help to weaken the beast quickly.

Don't underestimate parlysis, but the more important thing than dealing a lot of damage quickly is to take your time and be fastidious about your dodging and blocking attacks. This isn't a fight to rush, because one mistake could end up being hugely costly.

Once Nergigante reaches critical health, it'll retreat to its lair. This place is incredibly dangerous simply because it's got lots of hazards on the roof that he can deliberately drop onto you. Be careful, dodge, roll and beware that as he nears death Nergigante gets very aggressive and will begin to use his attacks way more often, especially the body slam. Again: take your time, watch your dodges, and you'll get there soon enough.

Nergigante Weaknesses: which elements work best

Nergigante has a few different weaknesses - a few relating to elemental effects that can be applied to your weapons plus some status effects that'll work nicely. You should know what weapons work for you by this point in the game, but if you're still struggling hit up our Monster Hunter World Weapons Guide.

Elemental Weaknesses

  • Thunder is a three-star weakness for Nergigante - this is the element you want to use if you can.
  • Dragon is Nergigante's two-star weakness - this will do more damage than usual.
  • All other weaknesses are simply the regular one-star rating.

Ailment Weaknesses
Nergigante can be afflicted with the Poison, Blast, Stun, Sleep and Paralysis Status Effects - they all have a two-star rating for him. The fact that he can be poisoned is rather useful, as that'll help in chipping away at his large health - so consider poisoning. Every little helps!

Nergigante Farming, Carves & Loot Rewards

Nergigante drops a lot of really useful stuff and has a particularly awesome set of armor associated with it. Here's what this big bad Dragon can drop!

Remember to use Investigations if you farm - and this would be a good fight to use some of your vouchers on!

Nergigante Carves:

  • Immortal Dragonscale
  • Nergigante Carapace
  • Nergigante Talon
  • Nergigante Horn
  • Nergigante Regrowth Plate

Nergigante Rewards:

  • Nergigante Carapace
  • Immortal Dragonscale
  • Nergigante Regrowth Plate
  • Nergigante Talon
  • Elder Dragon Bone
  • Elder Dragon Blood

Nergigante Breakable Parts

  • Breaking his Horn gets you... you guessed it, a Nergigante Horn.
  • Breaking his Tail and then Carving it gets you a Nergigante Plate.
  • Sometimes when hit Nergigante will drop a Regrowth Plate.

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