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Monster Hunter World is getting Nvidia DLSS support this week

Nvidia has confirmed that Monster Hunter World is the latest game to join the list of DLSS-supported games.

Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) is the reconstruction tech available to Nvidia RTX owners. This advanced form of anti-aliasing uses machine learning - hence the name - to recreate an imagine from a lower resolution base to boost performance.

Reconstruction tech isn't new, but where the DLSSS magic comes in is through creating a sharp enough image to be comparable to the full-fat 4K. In Monster Hunter World's case, Nvidia claims an up to 50% boost to frame-rate.

The game will receive an update on Wednesday, July 17 to add DLSS support, which will be available to players running the game at 4K. At max settings, only the RTX 2080 Ti is capable of an average framerate over 60fps.

Although it's disappointing that only the highest-end of Nvidia's line-up can manage 4K 60fps at max settings, the results with DLSS seem to be much better than things currently stand.

DLSS is also available when running Monster Hunter World at 1440p. There's even a sharpness slider you'll be able to tweak to your liking after enabling the feature.

After taking the update, all you need is the latest Nvidia drivers and you're good to go.

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